Test Drive Your Next Tattoo with Prinker Temporary Tattoos

September 10, 2020

Tattoos have become more socially acceptable and there are so many amazing designs that would look perfect on your body! But are you sure you want that ink on your skin forever? The tattoo is a big decision, especially for a first-timer. Before committing, experiment with Prinker temporary tattoo printer to test-run your potential tattoo.

What tattoo design is right for me?
Still pondering if this rose tattoo is right for you? Prinker will help you to visualize tattoo before you get it done permanently. You can recreate the shape, colors, and layout of the tattoo you want to commit to by getting one with Prinker. Simply upload an image of your tattoo design to the mobile app and apply directly to your skin in few seconds using a hand-held Prinker temporary tattoo printer. If you want to experiment with different styles, you can also search for inspiration on Prinker App by test-running +5000 tattoos created by artists, designers, and other creative users.

Where should I get my tattoo?
With time your style, interests, emotions, or mind change. Many of those who thought that jumping dolphin or tribal tattoo on your upper arm may seem like the fantastic life choice (it never is!) are now regretting stuck with the body art they hate. Don’t make the same mistake! Get Prinker temporary tattoo device and ink any design that will match your current mood, feelings, and style. Prinker temporary tattoo printer uses the latest technology, to print high-resolution temporary tattoos on skin in seconds. These tattoos are waterproof and last for up to two days, while still being skin safe and washable with soap. Fully compliant with EU CPNP and FDA VCPR regulations.

Are tattoos painful?
There are a lot of reasons why you may be hesitant to get your first tattoo. Your fear of needles and pain might be an obstacle between you and your new ink because (spoiler!) getting a tattoo does involve needles and considerable pain. But all is not lost for you! Prinker temporary tattoo device will help you get a tattoo of your dreams. Simply send your tattoo design to Prinker printer using a mobile app, roll the device over your skin and voila! You will feel nothing except the excitement to see an incredible tattoo on your body.

Don't hesitate. Prink before you ink!
Before committing, experiment with Prinker temporary tattoo printer to test-run your potential tattoo. With a Prinker device, everyone can experience wearing custom temporary tattoos, when and wherever they like. There is no going wrong with Prinker and the opportunities are endless. Discover a new way to beautify your skin with Prinker. Browse our state-of-the-art temporary tattoo device and cosmetic inks and start creating today. Order now for fast, affordable shipping anywhere in the world.