Feather Temporary Tattoos

April 30, 2021

Feather tattoos have been gaining momentum recently - and with good reason! Not only do they look great, but they have symbolic meaning behind them. Feathers represent birds and the characteristics they possess: strength, courage, freedom and power.

With so many different designs, it can be hard to choose the right feather tattoo for you, but Prinker makes it easy with our tattoo devices. Create your own feather temporary tattoo or browse through thousands of pre-made creations. Make like a feather with the freedom and power to create your own temp tattoo with Prinker!

Our Prinker tattoo devices are portable and easy to use, allowing you to show off your style wherever you go. The tattoos are easily removable, too - no more fussing about, scratched skin or redness for days on end!

Fool your friends with a temporary tattoo so realistic that they’ll think it’s the real deal! If you’re thinking of getting a feather tattoo, Prinker can help you make the best decision about your design and where to place it. Try a temporary tattoo before you commit to something permanent - you may find that you’re unable to stop at just one!

Kids can get in on the fun of a feather tattoo. The cosmetic-grade ink used in Prinker devices is non-toxic, making it safe for kids. Great for parties or a bit of fun at home, Prinker can be enjoyed by all ages!

Want to take your feather tattoo for a test run? Prinker tattoos are waterproof, giving you the freedom to truly explore.

Get inkspired with Prinker. With a great range of tattoo machines, cosmetic grade ink and primer, you can shop directly from the producer. Bring your temporary tattoo creations to life - it’s an absolute breeze with Prinker!