Latest Android Oreo 8 vs Android Nougat 7: Compare Android OS Features

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Android N, which is also known as Android Nougat is the previous version of Android. The latest release of Android is Android O. The Android Oreo is actually an update which brings in lots of new features and security measures for the customers. We all know, when Android updates its older version to plus one, we all get excited more than ever because let us all face it, Android never fails to surprise us with its add on’s and amazing features. This article will let you compare between Android Oreo and Android N.

Android O vs Android Nougat

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Android Oreo vs. Android Nougat Notifications

The notifications in the Android Oreo come in a Notification Channel. The app is now able to classify its notification in categories to make it more organized. This customization of notifications brings in an improvement as compared to the previous version of Android; Android Nougat. Another option that is available for the users of Android Oreo is snoozing the notification by sliding the snooze icon in the right.

Android Nougat vs Android O Features

Android Oreo vs. Android N Settings

Android Oreo enables the users to operate and change the settings quickly. Earlier, in Android N user would have to click on the icon of WiFi, Mobile Data, and Bluetooth etc to change and view the detailed settings of these functionalities respectively.

With Android O, On tapping the icons of Wifi, Bluetooth etc would simply turn them on or off while tapping the text written below the icons would allow you to view and change the detailed settings of these functionalities.

Android Oreo vs. Android N Battery Optimisation

With smart phones, there comes a major issue of the battery. Android has always taken care of the battery issue of the smart phones.

With the new release of Android O, battery optimization is one of the added improvements. With Android, more restrictions have been put upon the apps that keep running the background and eventually drains the battery of the smart phone even during the standby. Location Update restrictions are also stricter in the case of Android Oreo than it was in Android Nougat.

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